Extra Curricular


CKPS is ranked as one of the finest Primary Schools in Gauteng, excelling in all spheres: academics, cultural and sport.

Sport produces vital life lessons and thus extra – curricular activities are viewed as an integral part of every child’s education. It is therefore our undertaking to provide a holistic education for each child at CKPS.

CKPS’s Sports motto: “Let winning not be our only aim, it also matters how we play the game”.

In keeping with our motto, our vision is two – fold:

  1. Developing all-rounders as well as
  2. Excelling in all sporting codes.


Our fundamental focus is thus on mass participation and creating a love for sport. It has been scientifically proven that from an early age and up to the age of thirteen a child should participate in the following three sports, namely gymnastics, soccer and swimming as these activities are paramount to a child’s gross motor and developmental processes. We believe in exposing children to as many sporting codes as possible, rather than creating specialists at such a young age.

By encouraging children to participate in activities at CKPS, our wish is that children’s lives will become enriched, that they will learn to turn obstacles into opportunities, that they will never give in to the word “impossible” and that they will always aspire to become the best that they possibly can . . .

As parents, may we request that you teach your child the importance of participation, how to handle success and failure and to instil core values such as loyalty, commitment and good sportsmanship. As quoted by Pat Riley (American basketball player) “There are only two options regarding commitment. You're either in or you're out. There's no such thing as life in-between.”


Please don’t live or re – live your sporting frustrations, failures or achievements from your earlier years through your child, they need your support, to know that you are involved and show a keen interest in their participation, whether they are representing the “A” or the “B” Team.


We sincerely hope we will see you supporting and encouraging on the sidelines of fields / courts and swimming pools, observing closely the next move over chess boards, being the responsive audience at concerts and lending a helping hand at events and functions at the School.

May your years at CKPS continue to be memorable ones.

A small but significant reminder, “YOUR BLOOD IS RED . . .”





A variety of activities such as art, chess, choir, cricket, drama, hockey, K 4 J, netball, soccer, speed stacking, swimming, tennis etc are offered each term. Children are encouraged to participate in at least one cultural and one sporting activity each term. School activities take preference to all Club and outside activities.

Extra – Mural timetables are issued in the first week of each term detailing the following:

  • The extra – murals (activities) being offered
  • The relevant days and times of each activity, including that of private Coaches / Organisations
  • The relevant Coach for each age group of each activity
  • The required attire for each activity
  • The official School Stockists



Children wear the official CKPS Physical Education attire for every practice. Attendance of practices is compulsory. If your child is unable to attend a practice due to illness, a Doctor’s appointment etc, a letter from the parent / guardian should personally be given to the respective Coach / Educator.


Matches / Galas

Children will receive written notification with all the details regarding the match / gala at least a day prior to the event. If no letter is received, it should be assumed that the child has not been selected for that match / gala.


In the event of your child being ill and they are scheduled to play a match / swim in a gala, please phone the School by 08:00 that morning to inform the relevant Coach, so alternative arrangements can be made.

Days of matches / galas will be indicated on the extra – curricular timetable. Children selected for the relevant teams must be available on these days. Please do not place your child and the Coach in an uncalled for situation by making arrangements to go away etc on these days.

Please ensure that your child has the correct attire for his / her match. If a child is incorrectly dressed, they will unfortunately be excluded from that match / gala. (See Policy)

Throughout the year, we utilise the coaching expertise of parents who are suitably qualified and who have availed themselves to assist with coaching. Should you be available to coach, please forward your details to me at your earliest convenience.



Physical Education, otherwise known as Phys Ed. or PT, is an official learning area within the School curriculum.  As in any other learning area, assessment is completed for each individual. Their PE lessons consist of swimming in summer and skills / games in winter.

Please note: The Phys. Ed uniform is compulsory for every child and consists of the following:

  • Summer

Red quantec shorts, white CKPS t-shirt (not collared sports shirt) with School badge, white socks and tackies, CKPS swimming costume and swimming cap.

  • Winter 

CKPS shorts or CKPS tracksuit with either a short sleeve / long sleeve white CKPS t-shirt (not collared sports shirt) with School badge, white socks and tackies